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Our Dogs

Our dogs are all bred from the best Border Terrier lines including Oxcroft, Tythrop, Plushcourt and Dandyhow. Let me introduce some of them...




  • daisy 002 500x333
    Daisy is a great mum - pups just an hour old
  • dsc024222
    Daisy and Charlie at 6 months at Camber Sands
  • 20130618 143811
    Daisy playing rough and tumble with Jess
  • mobile 009
    Daisy with husband Oxcroft Scrumpy
  • 20130121 085219 375x500
    Daisy going crazy with Meg in the snow
  • daisey 003 500x333
    Daisy in the bluebells
Daisy is a lovely red bitch. She is quiet in the house but loves a good run!!


  • derick 013 375x500
  • derick 014 375x500
  • LUCYS PUPS 003
  • Mo with her mother Lucy enjoying a walk in the woods
  • Little Mo at three weeks
Mo is four and was bred here. She is a well behaved quiet girl


  • madge
  • madge1
  • madge2
  • madge3
  • madge4
Madge is Snoop's daughter. She is another small border. Her favourite thing to do is chase the cat!

  • katie 009
  • mobile 035
  • 1weekold 008
  • mobile 037
  • Scan0001
  • Scan0001
  • mobile 009
  • Lucky and Ron on a photo shoot for the kennel club
  • Lucky as a pup enjoying a day out on the beach
  • Lucky is Daisy's daughter by Oxcroft Scrumpy
  • Millie and Lucky on the beach
  • Lucky's parents, Daisy with Oxcroft Scrumpy

Lucky is Daisy's daughter. She is a beautiful, friendly little dog who loves a game of ball. She is best friends with our lab, Jess.

  • dot 003 135x200
  • D1
  • dot 034 140x200
  • dotty 003 437x500
  • dotty 007 500x484
  • D2
  • D3
  • D4
  • Archie, one of Dot's sons
  • Dot enjoying a cuddle
  • Beautiful picture of one of Dot's sons
  • Dot and Charlie's babies

 Dot is a happy friendly girl who loves a run in the woods and just wants to be with you.

We aim to raise healthy and well socialised puppies. We spend a considerable amount of time handling the pups and introducing them to different people, animals and noises. We recommend and use the Puppy School Sound For Life CD of noises from babies crying to fireworks.